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NEW! Yes You Can Read The King James Bible  BK

David W. Daniels


NEW! But I Trust The Scholars  BK

David W. Daniels


NEW! One Book                Rightly Divided BK – 844 pp, HB

Dr. Doug Stauffer


NEW! 51 Reasons     Why The KJV – BK

David W. Daniels


      Is The World’s Oldest Bible a Fake? BK

David W. Daniels


Creation Story for Children  BK

Helen and David Haidle


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Science vs Evolution

Author: Vance Ferrell

Science vs Evolution

Coffee table textbook with over 3,000 scientific facts that annihilate evolutionary theory, including over 1,350 scientific quotations or references, 260 illustrations, a research guide, and 3 complete indexes, in hardback.

992 pages

Price: $29.99

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