Tract Theme Page – Hallowe’en Tracts

for Teens and Adults

(tracts also available in some other languages!)




Boo! –  This takeoff on horror films reveals the truth about Halloween, it’s a trick with no treat.

Bewitched? –  In this classic tract, time was running out for Ashley, the drugs would soon kill her.

Choice, The – But there is one choice in life that is more important than all the rest; choose life!

Contract!, The –    You do not need to sign a contract with Satan to go to hell, just to reject Jesus.

Dark Dungeons – playing Dungeons and Dragons was fun until it killed her friend.

Happy Halloween – Visiting a “Haunted House” was supposed to be fun.

Devil’s Night – Sorry! Out of stock and only available by special order; minimum 10,000 units.

I See You! – Their cameras are everywhere. They’re watching you. Who’s watching THEM?

Love Story, A – Who loves you so much he gave you life and left heaven to die for you? It was Jesus! 

Man of the Match – A soccer superstar has everything and then loses it all to find real life in Jesus; drawn with black characters.

Missing Day, The – See how this family get-together on Thanksgiving Day ends up working out!

Nervous Witch – Sorry! Out of stock and only available by special order; minimum 10,000 units.

No Fear? – Godlessness drives teens of today to have no fear and causes an increase in suicide.

Oops! –  See this classic, “Somebody Goofed” including black characters.

Party Girl –  A young woman’s brush with death reveals Satan’s plot for her destruction.

Scream When the collapsing roof dumped him into the flames, Fred thought he had seen hell.

Soul Survivor – Two unsaved people learn they have a soul and what they must do to save it!

Spooky –  Simple gospel for kids. Sam dared to accept Jesus. Is Mr. Hill brave enough to do the same?

Stinky – A Hallowe’en tract about a Demon that is sent to Earth to thwart a conversion to Jesus. Will he succeed?

That’s Baphomet? – Helps expose the truth behind the secrecy of Freemasonry and Eastern Star.

This Was Your Life #1 all-time best seller!!  Everything you have said or done will be played back on judgment day.

Walking Dead, The –  A man wakes up from a scary dream about zombies.

Warning, The – They ignored the simple warning. After all, it looked like such fun, with sad consequences.

Hallowe’en Themed tracts for Smaller Kids (ages 4-10), CLICK HERE!