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Mad Machine, The – Life’s pressures, tension, hurt; Psychology can’t help, only Jesus can make a real difference!

Man of the Match – The same story as The Superstar, redrawn with black characters.

Men Of Peace – Muhammad ended up in the same place as everyone else who rejects Jesus.

Miss Universe – God sent Esther to deliver Israel. He sent his Son to deliver you! Will you accept Him?

Missing Day, The – See how this family get together on Thanksgiving Day ends up!

No Fear? – Godlessness drives teens of today to have no fear and causes an increase in suicide.

No Justice – When her son`s murderer is released on a technicality, this mother cries “There is no justice.” But One is coming who WILL bring justice to the whole earth.

One Way! – A gospel tract using just pictures and very few words.

Only Hope, The – Here is a description of the horrible times the Bible says are coming in the future.

Only Way, The, – A mostly wordless tract;  the same story as One Way, redrawn with black characters.

Party Girl –  A young woman’s brush with death reveals Satan’s plot for her destruction.

Peace Maker, The – A policeman explains to gang members how Jesus changed his life… and his destiny!

Present, The –  The king had a present that he wanted to freely give to those in his kingdom who would receive it.

Room 310 –  Danny is dying of cancer; the man in the bed next to him tries to win him to Jesus.

Rotten Rodney – Convict, Rotten Rodney now knows the truth about rejecting Jesus.

Satan Comes To Salem – The Salem Witch Trials: Here’s what REALLY happened. It’s not what we’ve been told!

Scream When the collapsing roof dumped him into the flames, Fred thought he had seen hell.

Set Free! – Satan wants to lead God’s creation away into bondage, but Jesus can cut you loose!

Sin City – Jesus CAN free anyone from the sin of Sodom.

Sissy?, The – Duke the trucker finds out Jesus wasn’t a sissy! Great for truckers and bikers!

Slugger, The – When the Slugger learns he is about to die without Christ, he realizes that his money and fame are worthless.

Sneakers – A father runs with the wrong crowd, will his little boy ever get his new shoes? “Tiny Shoes”, redrawn with black characters.

Somebody Angry? – Were recent natural disasters in the world really only a coincidence or God’s show of displeasure?

Somebody Goofed –  A young man goofs when he is talked out of receiving Jesus as Saviour.

Somebody Loves Me – Beaten and alone, a child dies. But Jesus cares.

Something In Common – Birth, death, eating, sleeping, but we all have something else in common. Sin! 

Sorry Brutal Frank Morgan, released early from prison, is not the same man who went in.

Soul Sisters –  the best selling children’s tract, “Best Friend” redrawn with black characters.

Soul Survivor – Two unsaved people learn they have a soul and what they must do to save it!

Spooky –  Simple gospel for kids. Sam dared to accept Jesus. Is Mr. Hill brave enough to do the same?

Squatters – Bible prophecy shows that only Israel will ultimately inherit the holy land.

Still No Revival – Subject – For Christians; The sequel to the classic tract, “Why No Revival”.

Stinky – A Hallowe’en tract about a Demon that is sent to Earth to thwart a conversion to Jesus. Will he succeed?

Sunday Special? – A drunk finds Christ and becomes a new man; “Happy Hour” tract, redrawn with black characters.

Sunk! – After Andy`s truck fell into a sinkhole, he heard how God used a sinkhole to judge rebellious Korah.

That’s Baphomet? – Helps expose the truth behind Masonry and Eastern Star

Thief, The – When the thief learns he is about to die without Christ, he realizes that his money and fame are worthless.

Things To Come?An end-time prophecy tract explains the difference between true prophecy and cheap psychic predictions.

This Was Your Life #1 all-time best seller!!  Everything you have said or done will be played back at judgment. Will your name be in the Book of Life?

Throw Away Kid – Joy was left alone with no one to care, but God had other plans.

Tiny Shoes –  When his son died, Juan turned from drinking and gambling to serve Christ.

Titanic Chester thought he didn’t need God. But when the ship began to sink, he learned how wrong he was.

Trial, The– See what happens to Miss Ann Gordon after being tried for this hate crime.

Trust Me – “You’re gonna love these drugs, kid, trust me on this!” Don’t do it! Just say “no!”

Unforgiven – When Lamont gets out of prison after having become a Muslim, his grandma sets the record straight in love.

Unloved – Jimmy was rejected, unemployed and ready for suicide, but then he met the One who truly loves him.

Visitors, The –  Two Mormon missionaries learn the truth about their church and about their need for Christ.

Walking Dead, The –  A man wakes up from a scary dream about zombies.

Wall, The –  Race car drivers face death everyday. Some are ready… some are not.

War Games!  –  This compassionate tract shows Jehovah’s Witnesses why Jesus is God. It’s in their own Bible.

Warning, The – They ignored the simple warning. After all, it looked like such fun, with sad consequences.

Wassup?  – The well known and best selling, “Hi There” tract redrawn with black character illustrations.

What a Shame! – Grandma knew God would not send anyone to Hell, would He?

What About Me? – If you want God, you’re just the person He is looking for.

Where Did They Go? – Rapture! There will be those left behind and those taken up to meet with Him in the air!

Where’s Your Name? – Hell, what it is, where it came from and how YOU can stay away from it!

Who Is He? –  Some say it’s Allah, some say, Buddha, some say, Mary, but who is The Way, The Truth, and The Life? It’s Jesus! That’s Who!!

Who Loves You? –  This best selling tract, “Love Story” with black characters.

Who Murdered Clarice? –  It looked like they were going to get away with it, but God was watching. An anti-abortion message.

Who’s It Gonna Be? –  Why would a loving God allow bad things to happen? The answer points to Jesus.

Why Is Mary Crying? –  Devotion and praying to Mary doesn’t please her, it breaks her heart.

Why Should I? – I didn’t even know I had a soul. Is it really that important?

Word Became Flesh, The – Almost all scripture! Those with no Bible training will understand who Jesus is. 

You Have A Date – The best selling, THIS WAS YOUR LIFE tract…for the ladies; redrawn with female characters!!

Your Best Life – The most popular Chick tract, This Was Your Life, adapted for Muslims.

Your Big Moment – The best selling, THIS WAS YOUR LIFE tract…for the ladies in black characters!

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