Chick Tract Assortments and Accessories

Assortment Pack


The classic Chick Tract Assortment Pack! Contains about 136 of the most current and classic Chick tracts available! Great for deciding which tracts to use for your personal ministry, or which tracts to send to a missionary.


Tract Sampler

This assortment contains one printed copy of our most requested English Chick tracts, including our most popular title “This Was Your Life!” It also includes such favorites as “A Love Story,” “The Choice” and “The Long Trip.” With 54 different titles covering a wide variety of topics, you’re certain to find one to help you witness. Spanish/English sampler also available.


Tract Wallet

Keep your tracts neat and flat in pocket, purse or car!

Don’t let your tracts get dog-eared or wrinkled! This vinyl tract wallet holds up to 20 Chick tracts, in two pockets, keeping them fresh and neat. If you witness in an area where many people speak another language, you can even keep your English and non-English tracts separate!


4 Pocket Tract Rack

This sturdy, clear plastic rack holds 8 packs of 25 tracts up on their end! Fantastic for store fronts or public places. Make it your ministry to place the racks and keep them filled and prayed over and watch God do the rest!!


21 Pocket Tract Rack

This metal rack comes with 21 pockets, each hold a pack of 25 tracts. The dimensions are 16W” x 14L” x 14D” making it the right size to display the tracts on a countertop.


Standup Tract Rack

Want to see more people in your church start witnessing?

This professional-looking revolving rack will encourage more people to start witnessing, and will get more gospel into the hands of people in your community. Here are a few more benefits:

  • Tracts will be much more visible, reminding people to take some as they leave your church.
  • Keep your Chick tracts neat and organized.
  • Keep a wide variety of titles easily available.
  • Remind new converts how easy witnessing can be.

How tall is it?
This rack stands about 6 feet high, with a 28″ diameter.

How many tracts will this rack hold?
This single-spinner, white wire rack has 40 pockets which will hold 75 tracts each for a total of 3,000 tracts.