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English Chick Tracts

(also available in many other languages!)


Adopted – Here is how I was adopted by God, and how you can be too!

Allah Had No Son – The Allah of Islam is not the God of creation.

Almost Time! – This old west preacher insisted these “impossible” prophecies would come to pass. Look how many did!

And It Was Good – Adam and Eve thought no one was looking. But, someone was!

Are Roman Catholics Christians? –  Religion can’t save, only Jesus can!

Assignment, The – Will Charles respond to the gospel in time?

Attack, The –  The real history of the King James Bible in a tract!

Awful Truth, The – Are all religions of the world leading us to Heaven? Are there many path or only one way?

Baby Talk – A teenage couple learn that abortion is murder and that Jesus is the only solution. 

Back From The Dead? –  They thought he was dead, but he woke up screaming, “I’ve got to get saved!

Bad Bob! –  Bob was mean and didn’t need God, until he nearly died in jail.

Beast, The – This Bible prophecy tract hits hard! Accept Christ or face a time of trouble like the world has never seen!

Bed Time Emily had never heard of Jesus or the Gospel. But now she understands. The gospel for young children.

Best Friend –  Let me tell you about my very best friend! Written especially for children.

Bewitched? –  Time was running out for Ashley. Drugs would soon kill her.

Big Daddy? –  A student proves evolution is full of holes.

Boo! –  This takeoff on horror films reveals the truth about Halloween.

Born Wild –   Dexter was a seven-year-old bundle of hate and disrespect. But when he met Jesus, everything changed.

Bully, The –  An alcoholic father who would rather have his little girl be a drunken buddy.

Camel’s In The Tent –  A great tract for our Muslim friends including an excellent lesson from an illustration about a Camel and his master in a tent. 

Cathy –  Cathy knows she will soon go to be with her Best Friend, but she is not afraid.

Charlie’s Ants –   Through Charlie’s ants, young readers learn that God became man to die for us. Great salvation message!

Choice, The –    All through life we make choices. But there is one choice that is more important than all the rest.

Cleo – When Cleo is rescued from the animal shelter, her owner learns how Jesus redeemed us.

Contract!, The –    You do not need a contract with Satan to go to hell.

Demon’s Nightmare, A –  When a youth finds Christ, he becomes a nightmare for the demons trying to stop him.

Doom TownStory of Sodom. Delivers a compassionate plea to repent from homosexuality.

Earthman –  Through Adam and Eve, sin entered the world. Jesus is the only one who can remove it.      

Empty Tomb, The –  The story of Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Because of the empty tomb, Jesus is the only way to heaven.

Evil Eyes! – Roberto learns that the power of God rules over the power of Santeria and casting voodoo spells. 

Execution, The –  He was supposed to be executed for his crime, but someone took his place. Jesus has taken our place too.

Fat Cats – Juan joins a communist revolution, thinking it will bring peace. But he learns only Jesus can do that.

Fame (Black Character’s tract series) –  Douglas Ford, a rich and famous film and TV star learns from Daisy, the cleaning lady at the hospital how not to die twice!

Fatal Decision –  Dr. Bower’s costly promise to John’s mother that he will do everything he can to saved her son.

First Bite – In this Halloween tract, an occult coven await their ‘chosen one’ to be born.

First Jaws – Who was the first man to be swallowed by a giant fish and live to tell the tale?

Flight 144 – A couple spends 30 years on the mission field, trusting in their good works.

Fool, The – When the king was dying without Christ, the jester knew he had found a bigger fool than himself.

Four Angels – Many hear the Gospel. Some truly repent, some just play religion.



Global Warming – Can we trust all the predictions of man? They have let us down before. But, the Bible never has!

Going Down? – Are you headed down to Hell? Why?! You don’t have to!

Gold Fever – A man once lost all his gold, but gained something much more valuable!

Gomez Is Coming – Gomez, the Butcher is getting out of prison and back on the street.

Greatest Insult – The story of the great King who loved his people and gave them everything, just to be killed for it.

Greatest Story Ever Told –  Story of Jesus from birth to resurrection.

Gunslinger –  A hired killer trusts Christ and, at death, goes to heaven.

Happy Halloween – Visiting a “Haunted House” was supposed to be fun.

Happy Hour – When this alcoholic finds Christ, he becomes a new man.

Heart Trouble –  This patient learns  from his doctor that there can be more than one deadly type of heart disease.

Help! –  Your soul is the real “you.” Do you know where “you” are going? The same story as “Soul Survivor”, redrawn with black characters.

Here Comes The Judge – This judge had a dark side that very few knew about. He would ultimately stand before the Judge who knew it all.

Hi There! – When Charlie died in his sins, he stood before the Jesus he had laughed at.

Holy Joe – His platoon laughed at him, but his testimony led his sergeant to Christ.

Holy Night – A little boy decides to obey God, and a wounded veteran’s life is completely changed.

Home Alone? – An emotional message against homosexuality and child abuse.

How To Get Rich – Learn how to gain riches you can take with you when you die.

Humbug! – Adapted from the classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge, but with a twist. Scrooge gets saved!

Is Allah Like You? – This tract is for your Muslim friends to seriously consider the lack of love Allah has for them in the Qur’an.

Is There Another Christ? – This tract for your Catholic friends to prove there is no other Christ, not even in the mass.

It’s A Deal –  Denzel wants to be a big basketball star. (Set in black characters)

It’s All About You – The perfect tract for teenage girls, in particular, who are so self-absorbed and care about nothing more than their iPods!

It’s Not Your Fault There are many people that were abused as children. This tract helps to show what great love Jesus has for them.

It’s The Law – The Ten Commandments … no one can obey them perfectly. That’s why we need Jesus.

It’s Who You Know – Sidney Schyster knows everyone and had all the right connections on this earth.

It’s Your Life! – The classic, “This Was Your Life” tract with black characters!

Just One More – Let God deliver you from alcohol before it hurts you. An anti-liquor salvation message.

Keep The Secret – Joey thinks he is in control of his life. But someone unseen is pulling the strings.

Killer StormGod gave Noah a way to escape the flood.

Kitty In The Window – When Claire comes to knock on the door with the little kitty in the window, little does she know there’s a lost soul to save inside.

Kura’s Ants – The same story as Charlie’s Ants, redrawn with black characters.

Last Judge Samuel was a great judge. But he’s nothing like that final judge we must all stand before.

Last Rites When this Catholic dies, he learns that his church couldn’t save him.

Last Surprise  Frances knew that preacher was wrong, there is no hell! Surely God would not do that!

Let’s Fly Away – When Julie gets saved, she doesn’t expect the violent reaction from her parents.

Letter, The –  Mildred learns in a dream she wasn’t a true friend. She never told Frances about Jesus.

Little Ghost, The –  “I’m not afraid of you… because Jesus loves me!” The simple Gospel for young children

Little Princess, TheHeidi is terribly sick. But when she gets saved on Halloween night, her whole family finds Christ too.

Little Sneak The story of a little boy that steals money, which causes a great deal of trouble!

Long Trip, The –  Life is a trip that will end up in one of two places…Heaven or Hell.

Look Out! –  Look out! Someone is plotting against you. Will he get you in the end?

Love Story, A – Who loves you so much he gave you life and left heaven to die for you? It was Jesus! 

Love That Money! Money is still the root of all evil. Read about this man that would stop at nothing to get more.

Love The Jewish People – God has promised to judge those who turn against Israel and bless those who trust her Messiah.
Mad Machine, The – Financial pressures, world tension, crime… Psychology won’t help!

Mama’s GirlsThe Catholic Church is mother to four great false religions.

Man of the Match – The same story as The Superstar, redrawn with black characters.

Mary’s Kids – Grandma learns that Mary was a sinner saved by grace, just like the rest of us.

Mean Momma – When this mean momma loses her children and everything, she finally turns to the one who will save her.

Men Of Peace – Muhammad ended up in the same place as everyone else who rejects Jesus.

Miss Universe – God sent Esther to deliver Israel. He sent his Son to deliver you! Will you accept Him?

Missing Day, The – See how this family get together on Thanksgiving Day ends up!

Nervous Witch  – When Saul visited the witch of Endor he discovered the terrible price God requires of those who play with witchcraft.

No Fear? – Suicide…The subject is common among teens today.

One Way! – A gospel tract using just pictures and very few words.

Only Hope, The – Here is a description of the horrible times the Bible says are coming in the future.

Only Way, The, – The same story as One Way, redrawn with black characters.

Oops! –  See this classic, “Somebody Goofed” including black characters.

Papa – Another Catholic tract to help you understand the allure of the Pope and his Catholic system.

Party Girl –  A young woman’s brush with death reveals Satan’s plot for her destruction.

Poor Revolutionist, The – This character dedicates his whole life to bringing down a nation.

Present, The –  The king had a present that he wanted to freely give to those in his kingdom who would receive it.

Reverend Wonderful – When a respected, religious leader dies and stands before God, he learns why his name wasn’t in the Book of Life.

Room 310 –  Danny is dying of cancer. The man in the bed next to him tries to win him to Jesus. A compelling story with a happy ending.

Rotten Rodney Convict, Rotten Rodney now knows the eternal truth about rejecting Jesus.

Royal Affair, The – Read about any royal mess caused by adultery…it has all happened before, in the Bible!

Satan Comes To Salem Subject – Salem Witch Trials: Here’s what REALLY happened in Salem. It’s not what we’ve been told!

Scream When the collapsing roof dumped him into the flames, Fred thought he had seen hell.

Set Free! – Satan leads away God’s creation but Jesus can cut you loose!

Sin City – Jesus CAN free anyone from the sin of Sodom.

Sissy?, The – Duke thought Jesus was a sissy. Great for truckers and bikers!

Sky Lighter – He was born to light the sky in martyrdom to Allah. But his friend tells him the REAL way to heaven.

Slugger, The – When the Slugger learns he is about to die without Christ, he realizes that his money and fame are worthless.

Sneakers – The same story as ‘Tiny Shoes’, redrawn with black characters.

Some Like It Hot Some like it hot! All about Hell, who’s there and why.

Somebody Angry? – Were recent natural disasters in the world really only a coincidence or God’s show of displeasure?

Somebody Goofed –  A young man goofs when he is talked out of receiving Jesus as Saviour.

Somebody Loves Me – Beaten and alone, a child dies. But Jesus cares.

Something In Common – Birth, death, eating, sleeping, but we all have something else in common. Sin! 

Sorry Brutal Frank Morgan is being released early from prison. Everyone is terrified, but the man coming out is not the same man who went in.

Soul Sisters –  the best selling kids tract, “Best Friend” in black characters.

Soul SurvivorTwo unsaved people learn they have a soul and what to do to save it!

Spooky –  Simple gospel for kids. Sam dared to accept Jesus. Is Mr. Hill brave enough to do the same?

Squatters – Bible prophecy shows that only Israel will ultimately inherit the holy land.

Still No Revival – Subject – For Christians; The sequel to the classic tract, “Why No Revival”.

StinkyA Hallowe’en tract about a Demon that is sent to Earth to thwart a conversion to Jesus. Will he succeed?

Sunday Special? – When this alcoholic finds Christ, he becomes a new man. The same story as Happy Hour, redrawn with black characters.

Sunk! – After Andy`s truck fell into a sinkhole, he heard how God used a sinkhole to judge rebellious Korah.

That’s Baphomet?An end-time prophecy tract explains the difference between true prophecy and cheap psychic predictions.

Thief, The – When the thief learns he is about to die without Christ, he realizes that his money and fame are worthless.

Things To Come?An end-time prophecy tract explains the difference between true prophecy and cheap psychic predictions.

This Was Your Life #1 all-time best seller!!  Everything you have said or done will be played back at judgment. Will your name be in the Book of Life?

Throw Away Kid – Subject – Abandoned; Joy was alone, with no one to care. But God had other plans.

Tiny Shoes –  When his son died, Juan turned from drinking and gambling to serve Christ.

Titanic – Chester thought he didn’t need God. But when the ship began to sink, he learned how wrong he was.

Trial, TheThis reissued tract is perfect for this time. See what happens to Ms Ann Gordon after being tried for a hate crime.

Trust Me – “You’re gonna love these drugs, kid. Trust me!”

Twin TowersWhen under attack, the pope finds safety in two idols.

Unforgiven – When Lamont gets out of prison after having become a Muslim, his grandma sets the record straight in love.

Uninvited – AIDS… it’s a death sentence.

Unloved – Jimmy has a very tough life being unloved by his family.

Visitors, The –  Two Mormon missionaries learn the truth about their church.

Walking Dead, The –  A man wakes up from a scary dream about zombies.

Warning, The – They ignored the simple warning. After all, it looked like such fun.

War Games!  –  This compassionate tract shows Jehovah’s Witnesses why Jesus is God. It’s in their own Bible.

Wassup?  – “Hi There” tract with black character illustrations.

What’s Worse? – Hell was made for the devil and his angels… and those men who  insist on joining their rebellion will end up there too.

What a Shame! – Grandma knew God would never send anyone to hell… Or would He?

Where Did They Go? – Rapture! There will be those left behind and those taken up to meet with Him in the air!

Where’s Your Name? – Hell, what it is, where it came from and how YOU can stay away from it!

Who Is He? –  Jesus! That’s Who!!

Who Loves You? –  This best selling tract, “Love Story” with black characters.

Who Murdered Clarice? –  It looked like they were going to get away with it … but Someone was watching. An anti-abortion message.

Why Is Mary Crying? –  Devotion to Mary doesn’t please her. It breaks her heart.

Why Should I? – I didn’t even know I had a soul. Is it really that important?

Word Became Flesh, The – Almost all scripture! Those with no Bible training will understand who Jesus is. 

You Have A Date – The best selling, THIS WAS YOUR LIFE tract…for the ladies!!

Your Best Life – The most popular Chick tract, This Was Your Life, adapted for Muslims.

Your Big Moment – The best selling, THIS WAS YOUR LIFE tract…for the ladies in black characters!