Tract Theme Page – Christmas Tracts

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Greatest Story Ever Told –  Read about story of Jesus from birth to resurrection in this best selling tract.

Holy Night – A little boy decides to obey God, and a wounded veteran’s life is completely changed.

Love That Money! – This man would stop at nothing to get more money!

It’s Who You Know – Sidney Schyster knows everyone and had all the right connections on this earth.

Kitty In The Window – Claire knocks on the door with the little kitty in the window, and finds a soul to be saved.

Love Story, A – Who loves you so much he gave you life and left heaven to die for you? It was Jesus!

Humbug! – Adapted from the classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge, but with a twist. Scrooge gets saved!

Present, The –  The king had a present that he wanted to freely give to those in his kingdom who would receive it.

This Was Your Life #1 all-time best seller!! –  Everything you have said or done will be played back at judgment. Will your name be in the Book of Life?

Who Is He? –  Who is The Way, The Truth, and The Life? Allah? Buddha? Mary? No! It’s Jesus! That’s Who!!

Word Became Flesh, The – Almost all scripture! Those with no Bible training will understand who Jesus is. 

Also…you may want to add these as gifts during the season of sharing and giving!


King of Kings – Theme: The Bible in pictures – From Genesis to Revelation, this full color comic brings the Bible to life for people of all ages by vividly illustrating many major Bible stories. Along with each story, scripture references lead readers where that particular story is found in their Bible. These captivating storied leave many into a deeper Bible study, and a closer walk with God. 64 pages. (Also in Spanish)

Light of the World – This 78-minute film takes you on an unforgettable journey, showing the Biblical account of the creation of man and the entrance of sin into the world. See why Jesus Christ came to earth and how He dealt with the sin issue once and for all.

God of Wonders – You will love this amazing DVD as it takes us through the creation story and the Gospel with spectacular photography and tremendous facts about God’s marvelous handiwork in creation. Sold individually or in packs of 5 DVD’s at a discount; even greater discounts for greater for mass distribution! Duration: 85 min