Adam Weishaupt: A Human Devil


This booklet, written in 1935, having only 31 pages, could be one of the most complete introductions of Adam Weishaupt’s nefarious plan of complete global control. Having planned and orchestrated the  French Revolution as the trial run, generations of the elite have finally employed this ancient plan of May 1, 1776 to modern day fruition. We are seeing this plan unfold before our very eyes today; the “Great Reset”, a global revolution.

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Disorders, revolutions, economic convulsions and political upheavals do not happen. They result from planning. Under the surface, unknown to good people, there are constant plots, schemes, tricks and intrigues. Hidden forces continue their subterranean activities until they reach a boiling point, then an explosion takes place on the surface. The rank and file of people are caught off guard. There comes a devastating outburst in which lives are lost, property is destroyed, and human development is retarded. Not until the storm breaks do the sleeping masses awaken, yawn, stir themselves and look about at the wreckage and carnage, after it is too late to help matters. History is replete with examples of this kind. International conspirators always find it to their advantage to lull the people to sleep until they can get their plots developed so far that nothing can stop them. A man in stupor is harmless. The despoilers have a way of keeping the popular mind befuddled and drugged, under the influence of their opiates. It is a rare thing for an awakening to take place in time to advert a crisis. (from the introduction)

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