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THE BIBLE VERSION ISSUE: A COURSE ON BIBLE TEXTS AND VERSIONS AND A DEFENSE OF THE KING JAMES BIBLE. (Note: The 775-page book Faith vs. the Modern Bible Versions was originally advertised for the Advanced Bible Studies Series, but we have decided that it is more a seminary level course. Thus we have replaced that title with the shorter volume entitled The Bible Version Issue. The book Faith vs. the Modern Bible Versions is available separately from Christ The Way Bookstore.) The Bible Version Issue is an extensive defense of the King James Bible. In this course we examine five reasons for holding to the KJV: (1) because of the doctrine of divine preservation, which authenticates the Traditional Greek Text underlying the King James Bible, (2) because the theories of textual criticism supporting the Modern Greek Text are heretical, (3) because the modern texts and versions are a product of end-time apostasy, (4) because of the King James Bible‚s superior doctrine, and (5) because of its unmatched heritage. The course concludes with an exciting study on the history of the English Bible from Wycliffe to the 1611 KJV. The course features 429 sectional review questions to reinforce the teaching. A separate teacher’s test book is available containing sectional and final tests with answer sheets. 415 pages, 7X8, perfect bound,

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