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END TIME BIBLICAL PROPHECY is unfolding before our very eyes as the promised ingathering of a dispersed and diverse cross-section of Jews, including secular, atheist, agnostic and Jewish believers in Jesus Christ, are returning, from all over the world, to their Biblically covenanted homeland of Israel.

Controversy about the existence of the Nation of Israel has been intensifying not only amongst the Arab world but within Christianity also. A political-religious campaign is gaining worldwide acceptance as church leaders, denominations, charities, missions, and humanitarian groups are uniting with Muslims and other world religions against Israel. 2500 years ago, Zechariah the Hebrew Prophet foretold, “Jerusalem will be a burdensome stone for all people: and, all the people of the earth shall be gathered together against it.” (Zech. 12:2-3)

Bible predictions warn of a global conditioning process ushering in the coming of a pretender Messiah, called the Antichrist, who will rule tyrannically from his counterfeit temple in Jerusalem, referred to as the Biblical Zion. An end of the age 7 year Tribulation period comes with an unparalleled time of destruction and bloodshed, which finally results in the repentance of many Jews. A remnant of God’s covenant people will accept Jesus Christ as Messiah and eventually many of His Chosen will call on His Name, their True Redeemer, Whom they pierced at the cross, resulting in Israel’s national repentance. Jesus, the Prince of Peace, will at last deliver the land of Israel to the fullness of His promised borders and establish His global 1,000 year reign of peace from Zion.

Meanwhile, in an aggressive worldwide anti-Israel-Jewish movement, an infectious anti-Semitism is also growing within contemporary Christianity, termed Christian Palestinianism. In these 3 powerful programs (approx. 35 mins each) fast moving, graphic footage illustrates the eye-opening informative EXCLUSIVE FEATURE of Wide Is The Gate: The Emerging New Christianity, exposing the rising tide of beguiling apostasy gripping today’s church in regards to modern Israel.


• Paul Wilkinson: Author and foremost expert on the developing relationship between Palestine and the Church
• Dave Hunt: Founder of The Berean Call, author, and knowledgeable authority on Israel and Islam
• Caryl Matrisciana: Author and video journalist

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