Debate Series – Dr. Kent Hovind – CSE – Vol’s 11 – 20 of 20


DVD – Vol.’s 11-20

Creation vs Evolution Debate Set 11-20 of 20

Dr. Kent Hovind has debated over 100 evolutionists and atheists at various universities around the world.

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Included in this series are the following debates:

DEBATE 11 – Does Anthropology Support Creation or Evolution? Against Dr. Mark Hartman, anthropology professor, U or Arkansas

DEBATE 12 – Does Botany Support Creation or Evolution? Against Dr. Massimo Pigliucci, asst professor of botany at U of Tennessee

DEBATE 13 – Rutgers University – Dr. Hovind debates a professor who is very hostile to the young earth creation position

DEBATE 14 – Is There Evidence for Evolution? Against Dr. Matthew Rainbow; a biology professor

DEBATE 15 – Three Views; Who’s Right? Against Kyle Frazier (Theistic Evolutionist) & Michael Shermer (editor of Skeptic magazine)

DEBATE 16 – Rutgers University Round 2 – Against Dr. Trivers, who attempts to defend the evolution theory as scientific

DEBATE 17 – The Great Compromise – Jaymen defends the position that The Bible must blend with current accepted scientific theories

DEBATE 18 – Berkley Finally Hears The Truth – Over 160 professors at Berkley refused to debate Dr. Hovind, so he spoke for an hour and answered questions

DEBATE 19 – Three On One – Against professor R. Luther Reisbig, associate professor Reinhold Schlieper, & professor Jim Strayer

DEBATE 20 – How To Debate A Creationist – Against Michael Shermer, editor of Skeptic Magazine & author of “How to Debate A Creationist”

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