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Tackling 6 of the hottest issues of our time: Over the years, Jack Chick has written some tracts on such “politically incorrect” issues that Christians were often afraid to pass them out. Yet those messages are both current and biblical. Find them in this book!

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Tackling 6 of the hottest issues of our time

Over the years, Jack Chick has written some stories that were so hot, that touched such “politically incorrect” issues, that often people were afraid to pass them out on the streets.  Yet those messages are both current and biblical.

Interviews with Jack Chick
In this book, six of those tract titles are reproduced, page by page.  But what makes this book unique is what is added.  The book contains interviews with Jack Chick and David Daniels, in which the reader will learn the facts behind the writing of these stories.  There are facts and statistics that will absolutely astound the reader.

Each chapter contains one hot topic tract plus the story behind it.

Home Alone: They’re gay and they want your kids!
It is an emotional message against homosexuality and child abuse.  The interview and research on the pages that follow show the shocking plans of the homosexual activists who are determined to have your children.  The chart showing the current age of consent in many major nations is proof that these people are making real progress to get our children, and will stop at nothing.

The gay rights movement says they want “tolerance.”  But you will be shocked as you see how their public relations campaign has resulted in lowering of the age of sexual consent in many countries, so that they can legally go after children!  And they want yours!  The Chick story included with this chapter, “Home Alone,” is not found anywhere else but in this book!

Somebody Angry?: Israel: friend or liability?
More and more American leaders are beginning to push for Israel to give up its land.  They feel that America will have better access to Arab oil if they take the side of the Palestinians.  But God calls this “My land.”  You will see why Jack Chick says, “God is really ticked off at America.”

In the interview found in the book, Jack Chick sums it up like this:

“We have the same God who brought the children of Israel out of Egypt.  God is alive and well, and He is really ticked off at America.  We have ignored His command to bless Jerusalem and we dare to pressure Israel to give away His land to His enemies.  Do you think God is going to put up with it?”

Allah Had No Son: The hidden truth about Allah
Leaders tell us that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.  Do you know how to answer them?  The section about “The little Bedouin idol who would be God” gives you specific quotations out of the Qur’an in which it clearly shows that Allah is not God.  You can answer them from their own book!

Lisa: Pornography: a victimless crime?
See the proof from U.S. Senate hearings that shows that adult pornography goes hand in hand with child sexual abuse (pedophilia).  But it doesn’t stop there.  Jack Chick is not afraid to say it . . . “Pornography triggers sexual perversion.”  There are millions of victims of those for whom pornography was the trigger that led them to do things they never thought they would do.

The Trial: The real purpose of hate crime laws.
With example after example, you will see how “hate crime” laws are being used to silence Christians.  What about when non-Christians are hateful against Christians?  The police look the other way.  Jack Chick tells about the first time he saw a coordinated effort to intimidate Christian speech.  He tells how he saw Christians backpedalling, pacifying them.  He thought, “If we don’t make a stand, we’re dead meat out there.”  There is something we can do, if we don’t wait too long.  Read a simple plan of action.

Dark Dungeons: Is D&D a doorway to the occult?
Many young people, even Christians, spend vast amounts of time with this game.  They claim it is harmless.  Read the interview with former witch Bill Schnoebelen, as he tells how playing the game led young people to seek out Schnoebelen and his wife, real witches, to learn how to make their magical spells “authentic” in the game.  Eventually, even the producers of the game itself came to visit the Schnoebelens to learn more about real witchcraft.  Is this something you should be doing?

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