In Awe of Thy Word CDRom


CDROM includes many books and slides, including a 1599 Nuremburg Polyglot with 12 languages derived from the TR; word for word exactly the same as the KJV! The Textual student ought to have this resource handy in the library.

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The 1200 page book, In Awe of Thy Word, is searchable on CD-ROMS and is accompanied by the following:

  • The King James Bible
  • The Nuremberg Polygot (A.D 1599)
  • The Tome of the Paraphrase of Erasmus Upon the New Testament (1548-1549) Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
  • The Acts and Monuments by John Foxe

See for yourself the “faith once delivered to the saints.”

System requirements

PC with Windows XP and Macintosh OS meet all system reqirements. PC with Windows 95/98/NT4: 486 processor (Pentium or better recommended) 16MB RAM (24 MB+ recommended), 10MB free hard disk space, NT4 should have Service Pack 3 or higher. PC with Windows 2000/ME: Pentium 90 or better, 32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended), 10 MB free hard disk space. Macintosh: PowerPC or better processor, OS 9 or better system software, 8MB RAM, 10 MB hard disk space.





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