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With all not commonly used words numbered and defined at the end of the page. See the description below for more details.

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*** Introducing ***

The DEFINED King James Bible

Available in Large & Medium Size

Defining the King James Bible

We at the Bible For Today offices worked hard on what we consider to be the most important publication in our history! Our Defined King James Bible is the KING JAMES BIBLE (Cambridge edition) without any alteration in the text. Uncommon words, or words that have changed their meaning since 1611, are defined accurately in the footnotes. It’s available as follows: (1) LARGE 12-point type . (2) MEDIUM 10-point type.

The Specifications

The Defined King James Bible comes in two sizes: (1) The large print measures 7 ½ by 10″ in size. It is large 12-point type which is very easy on the eyes. It comes in genuine leather of the finest quality, either black or burgundy. (2) The medium print measures only 6″ by 8″ in size. It is medium 10-point type which is also easy on the eyes. It comes in genuine leather of the finest quality, either black or burgundy. Both Bibles come in a beautiful red and white box. They have the 85-verse sections marked with a diamond for those who wish to read their Bible through in one year at the rate of 85 verses per day. They have an APPENDIX defending the Masoretic Hebrew text and the Textus Receptus Greek text underlying the King James Bible and the King James Bible itself. Most of all, it provides in the footnotes the accurate definitions of uncommon words or words that have changed their meanings since 1611. No longer is there any excuse not to continue to use and treasure our King James Bible.

A Choice of Two Colors

As mentioned before, there is a choice of either genuine black or genuine burgundy leather for the Bibles. If you wish to have the black or burgundy thumb-indexed. When ordering, please let us know clearly the color you request, either black or burgundy. Also, let us know how many you want to be thumb-indexed.

No More Excuses

Everywhere we go, we are asked about the few 600 important words or so that have changed their meaning since 1611 when the Authorized Version was first printed. The Defined King James Bible has taken away this argument from people. They now have no more excuses. They do not have to consult their dictionaries for meanings. They need only to look at the bottom of the column in their own Bible.

Foreign Language & Deaf

We are also often asked about a Bible for those who may speak a foreign language who have come from another country and do not know much English. I have always recommended the King James Bible because it is the most accurate translation from the proper Hebrew and Greek manuscripts. But now, I can also say that there is extra help with the words defined in the footnotes to aid them with difficult terms they may not understand. We have also found our Bible helps the “signers” for the deaf.

You Can Trust the Definitions

Some have told me that they don’t need any other Bible, because their own Bible has some definitions in the margin. But, can you trust these definitions? They might be from the wrong Hebrew or Greek text. They might be misleading for other reasons. The Defined King James Bible on the other hand, has been researched with hundreds of hours of study by D. A. Waite, Jr. (B.A., M.A., M.L.A.). He has made use of sound English dictionaries, and, in some instances, has consulted the Hebrew or Greek words if necessary. Accuracy is extremely necessary when it comes to dealing with the very Words of the Living God!



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