KJV Thompson Chain Hardcover – Large print


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For years the unique Thompson Chain-Reference system has been a favorite study tool, and for good reason. Easy to learn and use, the Thompson Chain-Reference system contains over 100,000 topical references in over 8,000 chain topics, helping to make in-depth topical study and lesson preparation easier and more efficient. The Thompson Chain is also known for its excellent archaeological supplement and extensive collection of charts, diagrams, and other illustrations. Other features include a revised concordance, 16 pages of full-color maps, and words of Christ in red.
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  • Features:
    • Thompson Chain-Reference System—over 100,000 marginal references covering 8,000 completed chain topics
    • Thompson instant-use guide included
    • KJV concordance
    • Numerical index of chain topics
    • Alphabetical index
    • Outline studies of the Bible
    • Bible character studies
    • Bible harmonies and illustrated studies
    • Hebrew calendar
    • Index to the Scriptures atlas
    • 8 point type
    • Double-column format
    • Wide margins
    • References in margins
    • Words of Christ in red
    • Subject headings
    • Concordance
    • Full-color maps
    • Archaeological supplement
    • 7″ x 9.75″ x 1.5″



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Thompson; Frank Charles