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The newly revised edition of Sabbath in Christ is now available. Recently Seventh-day Adventist Scholar Ron du Preez authored a book published by Andrews University Press claiming that the Sabbath mentioned “in Colossians 2:16 refers to ancient Jewish ceremonial Sabbaths, and not the weekly Sabbath. Thus, the Seventh-day Sabbath of the Decalogue cannot be regarded as abrogated on the basis of Colossians 2.” The first edition of Sabbath in Christ presented abundant biblical evidence that the Sabbath in Colossians 2 does, indeed, refer to the weekly Sabbath. However, because du Preez’ book relies heavily on certain Hebrew structures, Ratzlaff asked Old Testament Professor, Dr. Jerry Gladson who is proficient in Hebrew to write a response to du Preez’ work. He consented to do this and has given permission to print his response in this edition of Sabbath in Christ. Sabbath in Christ is a thorough, inductive, biblical study of the Sabbath, the covenants, the law and the gospel. It is considered by many to be the best readable work on the Sabbath topic in print. It is endorsed by many leading theologians. It is the result of years of study and has helped thousands of transitioning Adventists find the truth on the Sabbath Question. “I am impressed with the clarity, precision, and thoroughness of Dale Ratzlaff’s work, Sabbath in Christ. This book is a much-needed treatment of the Sabbath controversy, written with intelligent passion and full of insight and wisdom. Mr. Ratzlaff shows great care in his handling of the complex biblical, historical, and theological issues. This book will be a great encouragement and help to anyone struggling to understand what Scripture says about the Sabbath.” John MacArthur, Ph.D., Senior Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California.



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