Tract Rack – Rotating stand


Holds 120 packs of tracts in 40 spaces; Purchase outright $99.99; With 1500+ tracts $57.99; 3000+ tracts $shipping cost only – SEPARATE SHIPPING PRICE FOR THIS ITEM add $25.00


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Want to see more people in your church start witnessing?

This professional-looking revolving rack will encourage more people to start witnessing, and will get more gospel into the hands of people in your community. Here are a few more benefits:

  • Tracts will be much more visible, reminding people to take some as they leave your church.
  • Keep your Chick tracts neat and organized.
  • Keep a wide variety of titles easily available.
  • Remind new converts how easy witnessing can be.

How tall is it?
This rack stands about 6 feet high, with a 28″ diameter.

How many tracts will this rack hold?
This single-spinner, white wire rack has 40 pockets which will hold 75 tracts each for a total of 3,000 tracts.

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