When The End Begins


Unfortunately, many well-meaning, Christ-loving saints have been held hostage by prophecy teachers using questions like these to cast doubt upon God’s prophetic promises for the New Testament Church. When the End Begins is a God-given tool to break through the spiritual chains of bondage. Read the book! Heed the warning! Consider yourself bound no longer!

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When the End Begins answers these and many more seemingly perplexing questions: Who will be living in the time likened to the days of Noah and Lot? Who are the elect gathered by the angels just prior to Christ’s Second Coming? Why is the prophecy of the Temple’s destruction really just a distraction? Upon what specific generation will all the traumatic events of the Olivet Discourse come to pass? Whom do the ten slumbering virgins represent at Christ’s Second Advent? How are the sheep identified and why does the Shepherd separate them from the goats?

From the Foreword by Pastor Randy King, “This volume is a tremendous follow-up to their book, “Reviving the Blessed Hope,” a masterful commentary on the prophetic aspects of Paul’s epistles to the Thessalonians.”

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McCowan Mills



Stauffer, Stauffer; Doug Dr., Stauffer; Dr. Douglas D.


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