Who Is This Allah?


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Many people in the West have little knowledge of Islam, and many Muslims have not been taught the difference between the teaching of the Bible and the teaching of the Quran. Hence this book is timely for both Muslims and Christians. A number of Christian leaders have checked this book for its accuracy and appropriateness for distribution in the West, and thoroughly endorse the message that it contains. Moshay has written from the background of understanding and experience in Nigeria, and this adds much weight to the message. The book has been revised with the European and American reader in mind, without losing any of the essential detail of the original publication. Much has been written, and still is being written on the religion of Islam and its prophet; but not much has been written about its God. One reason is possibly because of the general assumption that the God of Islam and the God of Christianity are one and the same. Another reason might be that if this assumption proved to be incorrect it would cause many problems. The issue is indeed problematical but the solution is important to both Muslims and Christians. For example if Allah is God and the Quran true, then the Christian can be sure he is lost – no matter how zealous he may be; the reverse case would prove equally disastrous. It is necessary, therefore, to determine sufficient facts and information to enable the reader to arrive at his own verdict, and answer the question: Who is this Allah?

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